About the Yamaha Music Education System


Yamaha Music Courses began in the mid 1950's in Japan under the direction of Genichi Kawakami, the president of Yamaha Corporation. Mr. Kawakami established the non-profit Yamaha Music Foundation (YMF) in 1966 for the purpose of developing and promoting music education and popularization activities internationally. YMF guides the evolution of YMES in 40 countries with continuous research into child development and new teaching techniques. It also sponsors events such as the prestigious International Junior Original Concert (IJOC).

In the United States, the Music Education Division of Yamaha Corporation of America works in cooperation with the Foundation to design new music courses, improve instruction quality and refine existing programs.


The Yamaha Music Education System represents the realization of YMF's goal of promoting music globally and Yamaha's belief that "music knows no national boundaries." Children all around the world learn from the Yamaha method, contributing to the development of a new musical generation. In fact, IJOC performers, the most musically advanced YMES students, have been described as "ambassadors of music."

The objective of the Yamaha System is to develop each student's comprehensive musical ability in an environment that inspires a love of music and a lifetime of active music participation. The courses teach students to express themselves creatively through the language of music. As their education progresses, they build performance, improvisation and composition skills. This approach has produced award-winning professional musicians, successful music teachers and millions of music lovers worldwide.