All about art studio

Children are born with creative mind which can positively impact their lives at all aspects, we believe the ways of encouraging their artistic expression are very important at their early years. At All about Art Studio, we offer a fun, imaginative atmosphere for our young artists to learn, explore, and create their very own piece of work. Therefore, their imagination will not only be used, but also be bent, extended and stretched.

On each project, our students may warm up with a storytelling, an imaginative trip, or even a scary dream, from there, we lead them all the way to the endless possibilities of art!

Students can expect to work with variety of media, including but not limited to colored pencil, paint, clay, wire, and create both abstract and representational work. Drawing and painting techniques will be slowly introduced when needed.

At All about Art Studio, you tell, we listen; you draw, we watch; you go crazy, we lead you to more crazy.

Course description

Let the brush speak—Chinese Painting and Calligraphy (5yrs and up)
Chinese painting and calligraphy were traditionally considered one and the same, the brush strokes not only describe the essence of a subject and also capture its rhythm and grace, depict its outward and inner qualities.
Our class will start with brief history, basic techniques, elements, principles, understanding the cultural significance, and will be gradually introduced to new skill development, broader topic discussion, contemporary theme experiment, self expression, integration of traditional and modern elements. Both representational and abstract work will be created.
A brush, can really speak, of course with your mind!

Doodle wonders (4 yrs and under with parents)
This class is designed for young children to freely engage in the process of discovering lines, shapes, color, materials, images, texture, and the joy of their own creation. The focus of this class is on children's curiosity and imagination. The students can expect to work on paint, pencil, crayon, clay, fabric, paper and other kids friendly materials. A fun and an imaginative atmosphere make this class a perfect start for kids to explore and learn. 20 lessons per semester. Parents participation is required, parents will learn how to communicate with their children and help them built confidence while working with art.​

Mixed media (5-10 yrs)
This class will begin with a theme, a story, an experience, a famous artist or a world culture, follow with a brainstorm session, and finish by an unique piece of their own by using variety of media, such as pencil, paint, oil pastel, chalk pastel, wire, clay, found objects, etc. Both two and three dimensional work will be created. Art fundamentals, principles and elements will be introduced through out the course. Students are encouraged to articulate how the art work is related to the ideas.

Portfolio exhibition

At the end of each semester, upon completion of their portfolio, students will receive a prize. All about art studio will have a portfolio exhibition at our school, students and families will have a visual feast of our students artwork while celebrating with some refreshments. Date to be determined.