Keyboard & Piano FAQ for Yamaha Students 

Do we have to have a keyboard or piano at home?

Yes. For ages 4 and above, the Yamaha curriculum is sequential and requires consistent at-home practice. Ideally, you should purchase your keyboard before the beginning of the semester. You must have a keyboard by the second class.

Do we have to buy a “top of the line” keyboard or piano?

An entry level YAMAHA keyboard is fine for the beginning student, as long as it has a minimum of 61-88 keys and touch sensitive.  When you and your child are ready, we recommend purchasing a digital or acoustic piano, such as a YAMAHA Clavinova, YAMAHA upright, or YAMAHA grand piano.

Can we purchase the same keyboard that is used in the class?

No, the classroom instrument was specifically designed for the Yamaha classroom and is not available for sale.  However, YAMHA keyboards are very similar to the classroom instrument.

Do we have to purchase a keyboard stand and stool?

Yes, an adjustable keyboard stand and stool helps to encourage correct posture at the keyboard. 

We already have a keyboard or piano at home.  Can we use this?  

Yes, as long as the keyboard has at least 61-88 keys with an adjustable bench and stand. Acoustic pianos must be tuned on a regular basis. 



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