Music Fantasy Classes

Music Fantasy (MF - age 2) is designed to provide toddlers with an introduction to music in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Together with their parents, toddlers experience lots of musical stories telling, simple music performance, picture cards, playing a kind of simple drum, physical movement, games with toys, listening to music, etc.. Music Fantasy lays the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyable music making through these carefully planned activities.

Course length: Over two semesters
Class schedule: One 35 - 40-minute class per week
Parent participation: Yes

Student Age: Toddler must have reached their 2nd birthday by September 1st for fall semester classes and by February 1st for a spring semester start. This requirement helps ensure that toddlers are enrolled in a course for which they are developmentally ready.


Listening Ability
As this is a most significant period of aural development, a rich and varied array of listening activities develops sensitivity and listening ability and enables students to perceive music's power to vividly express images and emotions.

Social Development
Because of the importance of the parent in the life of a toddler this age, interaction between parent and toddler is an important focus in the group lessons. Also, through the group lessons toddlers develop the basic skills of relating to other toddlers and adults.

Musical instruments Experience
Toddler experience sound through the music instruments and are introduced to the fun of music instruments playing. Appropriate to this stage in their physical development, initial playing activities engage the use of large motor skills.

Cultivation of the Imagination
Recognizing the significance of fantasy, play, and the imagination in the learning of toddler of this age, the activities, picture card, and music are filled with suitable colorful, playful imagery, sounds, and subjects.

Grouping: Students are grouped according to age and maturity. Classes are occasionally regrouped to provide the best learning situation. MF students who turn four during the year are strongly encouraged to complete the entire course before moving to Music Wonderland.

Upon Completion of the Course
For students and parents, the course establishes an outstanding foundation and motivation for enriched study and skill development in the Music Wonderland and later Junior Music Course.