Saxophone group/ private courses for beginners and advanced students

We will address your specific saxophone issues in the lessons and strategize your learning outcome. In general, the goals of group lessons is to build a solid fundamental concepts of saxophone playing for students who either wish to be or have already been playing in school ensembles and helping students to achieving their goals. We would also help students who would like to play the saxophone for entertaining their lives. For no matter what goals that you are pursuing for, in the lessons, we will learn how to practice the instrument in an efficient and healthy way. We will share saxophone playing and pedagogy to you on your saxophone playing for learning and growth. 

Lesson topics:
The concept of resonator control
Embouchure, mouthpiece, reed
Air support and breathing
Voicing and overtone exercises
Tone color, vibrato
Articulation with various pattern
Ensemble or solo repertoires
Meter and rhythm exercisesype your paragraph here.