Yamaha Music School at Riverstone / Fortissimo

School Policy -  For registered students/ parents only (Blue Form)



The school year runs from Aug 22nd through next year August 21st, any permanent schedule changes need to be received by our front desk/ office in writing, faculty cannot make schedule changes.

We are closed on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, 1 weeks at Christmas Break, 1 weeks for Summer Vacation, and 1 week each semester for Teacher Training. See the current year calendar for the exact dates of Holidays and Vacations. The calendar gives each student at least 40 instruction days during the year, the holidays will not change the overall number of lessons received each year. 

Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor Day


1 weeks Christmas Break (Winter Camp)

1 weeks Summer Vacation (Summer Camp)

1 week each semester  (Teacher Training)



The minimum class size of 5 students is required for Yamaha group lessons. If there are less than 5 students in a pre-registered class, you may be contacted and arrangements made for an alternative class time. Returning classes may also be regrouped where necessary, and according to the students’ levels.


1. New Group Students 

For all Yamaha Music School at Riverstone students and Keyboard Encounters (adult) courses, registration is accepted on a rolling basis and/or during the open enrollment periods of June-Sept and Jan-Feb. Classes are filled on a first-come, first serve basis. New classes start each year in August 22nd (fall semester) and January 15th (spring semester).

2. Private Lesson Students
(Prerequisite: Continuing students from Yamaha group lessons passing Yamaha audition and grant administrator, teacher's approval can attend private lesson based on space availability)
New private lesson students can begin at the start of a semester or on a rolling basis  

3. Continuing Students

Fortissimo Yamaha Music School at Riverstone, Keyboard Encounters (adults), and Private Lessons. All students must re-enroll at the end of each spring semester for the following academic year during the June -  September open enrollment period.  Registration from fall to spring is automatic. 

4. Update

Fortissimo Yamaha Music school at Riverstone reserves the right to withdraw, cancel, or discontinue any class for which enrollment is insufficient to organize or continue.


$50 per new student

$40 per additional family member



Lessons (Semester)

In-house recitals, and in-house concerts

Special events & master classes

Parent education and support


Yamaha Music Education System copy right materials (Yamaha method books, method workbooks, CD's, DVD's, practice book) 

The tuition is pro-rated at the per-lesson rate for students beginning after the first week of class. The value of the year’s tuition is divided into equal, pro-rated monthly installments. Although the number of lessons varies from month to month, the monthly tuition remains unchanged. 

The first and last payments of the semester will be charged at the time of enrollment and before the first lesson. Payment will be made by cash and check only. All remaining payments are due on the 1st of each month by setting credit card monthly auto payments. An enrollment that is submitted without 2 months payments are considered incomplete and the student will not be assigned to a class or lesson time. 

To discontinue lessons and stop automatic credit card charges prior to the completion of the year, please notify Yamaha Music school at Riverstone front desk/ office directly by filling out a Withdrawal Form one full month prior to the 1st of the month. (For example: For withdraw Form received on October 20th, the last day of lesson would be November 30th, no credit card auto charge on November 1st, the last month tuition paid upon enrollment will become the November tuition).

Withdraw form must be given to the front desk. The withdraw form given to the instructor only is not sufficient, and nonattendance does not constitute withdrawal from lessons. If a one full month withdrawal notice is not provided, the tuition and fees for the entire month are still due and payable. The last day to withdraw is May 1st of each year. A withdraw administration fee of $30 will be charged for all withdraws. The Yamaha material, tuition and registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


A $25.00/ea administration fee will be charged for all declined payments. 


In case the credit card monthly auto pay on 1st of each month is not set up and available, tuition bills that are overdue are assessed a $25.00/ea late fee.  Students with tuition payments 10 days overdue are not eligible to attend class and will receive a discontinuation notice. 


Student  absence more than 45 days will be charge $ 40 re-registration fee, we will make effort to re-place the student with his/her former teacher and as close as possible to his former time 

MAKE-UP POLICY                                                                                                             

1. Make Up Week: Make-Up weeks will be offered at the end of each semester.  Make-up weeks may be used for private lessons student absences or private lesson teacher absences or group teacher absences.  Make-up weeks may not be used for student group class absences or emergency school cancellations. Make-up lessons need to be arranged through the front desk/office only. On occasions, the make-up lessons may be with another qualified teacher.

2. Missed Group Lessons:  Teachers will make homework assignments available via e-mail to parents and students for missed group lessons.  Refunds are not available for missed group lessons. However, the director  may assign a suitable same level class as the makeup lesson when available.  All missed group lessons due to teacher absence will be offered as a make-up on an alternative day or during break periods.

3. Missed Private Lessons:  Three private lessons absence per academy year will be made up provided that a minimum of 24 hours notice is received by the instructor and front desk/ office and the cancellation is due to illness or other similar good cause.  The make-up day and time is coordinated by the office or during the make-up week.  Additional missed lessons are not made up and no refund is given.  Private lessons canceled by the instructor will be made up at another time during the semester or during the make-up week. 

4. Teacher Absences: In the event that a teacher is absent, Yamaha school will provide a highly qualified substitute who will ensure the proper continuity of students’ classes. If a substitute teacher is not available, we will make every effort to contact students to arrange a make-up lesson 


1. Course Cancellation:  Yamaha Music School at Riverstone reserves the right to cancel a class or change the class schedule at any time. Full refunds and registration fees are issued in the case of class cancellation due to insufficient enrollment or schedule change.                  

2. Weather-Related or Other: Yamaha Music School at Riverstone follow the weather cancellation decisions of the local public schools (Fort Bend ISD). Please stay tuned to the morning news. Yamaha Music School at Riverstone does not issue refunds or make-up lessons for weather-related cancellations, cancellations due to circumstances beyond the school's control, or cancellations when the student's safety may be at-risk. 

3. Update: In the event that there is more than 1 emergency school cancellation for group or private lesson classes, those group or private lessons classes will be held during the make-up week.   


Music Fantasy (age 2): must be 2 by Sept. 1 (Fall) or Feb. 1 (Spring- new students)
Music Wonderland (age 3): must be 3 by Sept. 1 (Fall) or Feb. 1 (Spring- new students)
Junior Music Course (age 4-5): must be 4 by Sept. 1 (Fall) or Feb. 1 (Spring)
Young Musicians Course (age 6-8): must be 6 by Sept. 1 (Fall) or Feb. 1 (Spring) 


A parent, guardian, or other approved adult is required to accompany the student in the Music Wonderland (age 3) and Junior Music Course (age 4-5) programs.  To ensure that we offer the best educational environment for all of our Music Wonderland and Junior Music Course families, we are unable to accommodate additional siblings (older or younger), a second parent/guardian, or other friends or relatives in the classroom. Teacher training or teaching observation may be invited by permission of the teacher or administrator only.  Cell phone should be turned to silence mode in classroom. Punctuality and regular attendance is expected. 


To help ensure a consistent and high quality education, a year-long commitment to a lesson time is strongly encouraged.  If a change of lesson time is required after the fourth scheduled lesson of the semester, a $69.00 class change administration fee is applied to your account.  There is no class change fee for changing lesson time during the annual open enrollment in June/ September & January/ February. All lesson change requests must be made online or submit notice to front desk/ office. 


Formal written notification must be given to the office, and, depending upon the situation, require a meeting with the school director and/or teacher.  Teacher notification is not considered formal notice of withdrawal.  Non-attendance is not considered a withdrawal.  Registration fees are non-refundable.  Full refunds will be given in cases of insufficient enrollment that results in the cancellation of a class. It takes approximately 60 days for refunds to be processed for hard copy checks; 7-10 business days for credit card refunds. Tuition refunds will be given in accordance with the following schedule. The refund policy assumes full semester enrollment (18 weeks):  Withdrawal prior to the 4th scheduled lesson of the semester: prorated tuition refund.  Withdrawal after the 4th scheduled lesson of the semester: no refund (unless extenuating circumstance; at the discretion of the school director). 


Security cameras (CCTV) system are installed in each classrooms and public areas inside the school. All students are required to sign-in at the front desk before entering the classroom. In the event of an emergency, Yamaha Music School at Riverstone staffs and instructors will lead students and families in the established exit procedures.Parents are responsible for the well-being and safety of their children while on school premises.  Yamaha Music School at Riverstone is not responsible for the loss of personal items. 

Please don't bring food and drink other than water into the classrooms. Please take your child to the restroom prior to the start of their lesson for the interest of the health and safety of all students and facility in our classrooms/ programs. No smoking allowed inside the school.


Yamaha Music School at Riverstone is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students.  Parents with students under the age of 18 are asked to remain for the duration of the class.  Students are not to be left at school for excessive time before or after lessons.  If class attendance for any particular day is below three (3) students, the class will be structured as a private or semi-private without any additional fee, but will be shortened to the following:  1-2 students will be given a 30 minute lesson; 3 students will be given a 45 minute lesson.  When this happens, we will try to contact the parent to let them know of an earlier pick up time.


Parents, legal guardians of minor students, and adult students upon registration waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained while Yamaha Music School at Riverstone resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the student before, during or after lesson time.


Our teachers will do our very best effort to teach and prepare students for the grade exams by Yamaha Music Education System, it's the student's fully responsibility to have enough practice time at home and musical understanding to pass the grade exams. The grade exam fees and expense will be charged by 3rd parties.


Yamaha Music School at Riverstone reserves the right, and may give permission to its photographer or outside media, to photograph classes, programs and participants at all our facilities and properties. Please be aware that these photos are for promotional purposes and may be used in future publications and media communications. By participating in the Music School classes and programs, you consent to the taking and publication of your photograph for these purposes. There will be no compensation for the release. If you do not wish your child or yourself to be photographed or videotaped, please notify the school office by email at  

Students and parents are not permitted to take photos/ video, sound recording and any type of recording during the classes to protect Yamaha Education Material copy rights. 


Any or parts of the school education material (books, CD, DVD, education methods), website information, contents belongs to Yamaha Music School at Riverstone, Yamaha Corporation USA, and Yamaha Corporation Japan copy rights. No distribution, copies, recording, and duplicate allowed without granting formal approval and agreement letters from Yamaha Music School at Riverstone/ Fortissimo, Yamaha Corporation USA, and Yamaha Corporation Japan. All teacher and students agree to use Yamaha original education materials.